Monday, December 20, 2010

Farewell, Happy Holidays, and All the Best in 2011

Well everyone, this is it: the final entry. I cannot believe how fast time as passed. It feels as if eight months has turned into two. For those who are unfamiliar with my situation, I am an eight month co-op student, which means I am working as an intern at IASTED to gain real-life work experience. I entered IASTED at the beginning of May not sure what to expect, nervous, and slightly clueless as to what was expected of me. I believe that I have learned a lot since working at IASTED, not just about how the company runs, but also about myself and what I prefer in my future working situation. Above all, I am going to miss my fellow co-workers. Thank you all for the memorable moments, laughs, and lunch-time talks. I will not forget them.

Alright, let me update all of you. Well, last week was busier than usual. I’m not quite sure why, but it might have something to do with me leaving and also the holiday break coming up soon. Among making a myriad of newsletters, proofing a handful of things left and right, and uploading new conferences, there was one task that I was assigned that stood out above the rest. Earlier in my work term, one of my co-workers suggested that I create a new banner for the top of IASTED. I took her suggestion and made a few “mock” banners for the website. To my surprise and delight, one of those banners was picked to be the new main entry banner for IASTED. Please check it out by going to IASTED or clicking here!

In other office related news, the cookie exchange went well and was very delicious. It was interesting to see all the different cookies brought and finding out who made what cookie. The gift exchange was fun and produced a lot of laughs and excitement. Of course, Christmas lunch was absolutely fabulous. I think I might have overeaten, but I think I can get away with spoiling myself just this one time ;)

Lastly, I just want to wish everybody a Happy Holiday and the brightest wishes for 2011!

Workplace Survival 101 Tip: Go on a co-op term. Yes, it might be a bit of work to apply and find a job. Yes, it is hard to do 9-to-5. Yes, it might take you a bit longer to finish your degree. But, you will have gained very valuable experience and insight. These eight months have been a roller-coaster ride, but I’m glad I completed this work term, and in doing so, I was able to step-back for a moment and assess myself and my future goals.

Well, for the last time: Over and out.
Yours, as always,



  1. Wish you success, Erika, Always...
    Take Care.


  2. Eat shit, you Hamza loving turd.